Adrian has many years of experience as a guitar teacher. Since 1993 he has built a firm reputation as one of the most well known, professional and popular music teachers in the local area. Adrian currently teaches the guitar at TPS and privately from his studio on The Causeway in Petersfield, Hampshire.

Adrian specializes in teaching the electric guitar, but also teaches acoustic, bass and classical guitar, as well as incorporating songwriting, compositional skills and recording techniques. He teaches all ages and all styles, tailoring each lesson to the pupil’s individual requirements. Lessons are carried out in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

The lessons concentrate on contemporary guitar playing techniques, engaging the pupils by getting them to play the music they want to play. It then moves through other styles of playing (rock, Country, Metal, Pop, Funk, Classical) , whilst always concentrating on the pupil’s main musical interests and what they want to achieve.

The possibilities are endless – Are you a singer wanting to accompany yourself? A budding songwriter? Do you want to join a band?

Adrian tries to split each lesson between what you want to learn, and what you need to learn to improve your solos, play stunning rhythms and improvise more confidently.

During the lessons, Adrian shares his many experiences in touring around the world and working for record and publishing companies. Where necessary he helps with GCSE composition and performance, and has a great record with pupils getting straight “A” Grades!!

Adrian has nearly 20 years teaching experience. Having obtained a 1st Class Honours Degree from Leeds Music College in 1991 he started teaching the guitar almost immediately at Churchers College in Petersfield and The Royal School in Haselmere, as well as teaching privately at his home in Petersfield.

After touring the world full time from 1997 – 2002, Adrian was asked to teach at The Petersfield School in Petersfield. He currently still works there, building a good reputation with the pupils, the parents and the local community, having had bands from the school perform at the Petersfield Music Festival as well as playing at various events around the town.

The difference between Adrian and other guitar teachers? Adrian really enjoys teaching.