Film, Television and Songwriting

Adrian created Soundbyte Studios in the mid 1990’s. Since emerging in the scene of film, television, gaming and corporate music, Soundbyte Studios has written, arranged and produced music for...

As well as...

  • Sony Games
  • Halo Records
  • Radio Solent
  • EA Games
  • Radio 210FM
  • CJP Group
  • Microsoft
  • Arcadia Interactive

Here is a selection of his work...

Sky Sports...


Fiat 500 series Turkish Delight Budweiser Shampoo


From an early age it was all Adrian wanted to do. And, with varying levels of success, he always has.

He has been asked to write songs.

He has been commissioned to write songs.

He has been paid to write songs!!

He has performed his songs

Other artists have performed his songs.

Check out the demos below:

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