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Adrian is currently teaching guitar lessons at home in Petersfield, Hampshire, providing guitar lessons to all ages and all levels of ability.

He remains a popular choice with Bjorn Again and performs worldwide with the best tribute bands in the world.

He is also writing TV soundtracks and working on studio projects.

He is performing with his own band at many corporate events and weddings around the UK.

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Performing for 12 years with Bjorn Again, generally considered the best tribute band of all time, playing the part of Bjorn. Performing sell out tours around the world and headlining numerous festivals across Europe, the UK, Canada and the USA.

Songwriting - Worldwide Publishing deals with AMG, BMG Arista, Sony, Hilltop, Halo.

Writing music for the likes of Sky, Channel 4, BBCTV, LivingTV and listening to it on television.

Sharing a stage and meeting the likes of Metallica, Bryan Adams, Shania Twain, The Sugababes, Quo and Kylie.

Touring around the world, appearing on television & radio shows in Canada, America, UK & Europe, and performing “behind enemy lines” to UN troops in Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq.

Through teaching, being able to pass on his experiences and knowledge to children and adults alike.

Performing at many prestigious venues around the world, including:

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